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internet media communicationAn explainer video on your landing page can hook your visitors and help them understand your value proposition. Educated by the explainer video the prospects will generate a better quality of leads.

Therefore all the search engines, lead by Google, rank pages with videos higher than pages without them.

Given also that You Tube is now the second most used "search engine" a You Tube channel is imperative for all marketing and product and services based businesses.


Animated Explainer VideosAs the average online audience attention span is falling the video marketing arise as clear winner.

Researches show that marketers who are using explainer video on their landing page are seeing as much as an 80% boost in conversion rates.

All advertising, including websites, should continue to use good quality textual content however video is great for those who want information fast, and in todays 'fast' world that group is growing!

Businesses whose websites display explainer video report on average 49% faster growth in revenue

Videos for Education and MarketingWhether you are marketing a simple product, or teaching a complex subject, an explainer video can do a better job of telling your story!

Even if you have great website copy, which is great for SEO, us humans are dependent on what we see.

So much so that psychology has a term for when eyesight overlap our logic and all other senses.

That phenomenon is called Visual Capture

At Visual Capture, we are all about visual storytelling. Our passion is telling your story, with easy to follow visual tools like animation. We love individuality and we customize style and narrative of your explainer video to your unique brand.

A good script is the heart of high converting explainer video with the free flowing and easy to grasp graphic and animation styles. Motion infographics style is suitable for corporate style businesses and organisations while cartoon style is for light-hearted brands.

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Animated Explainer Videos for Education and Marketing