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Visual Capture Explained

Visual Capture is the psychological dominance of the sense of vision over the other senses; this dominence creates an influence so that a percieved outcome is attained by the use of the vision used.

Two examples of this visual dominance is with a ventriloquist creating the illusion that a dummy is talking and when in a theatre it appears the sound is coming from the characters on screen and not from the speakers strategically placed around the theatre.

In Marketing, Education and Training the use of visual aids assists in developing a theme or concept, the ease of teaching a complicated subject or simply attracting attention to an items appeal and percieved necessity.

The Use of Visual Capture Online

As the average online audience attention span is falling thus video marketing is on the rise as clear winner in retaining a visitors attention on a website.

All advertising, including websites, should continue to use good quality textual content however video is also good for those who want information fast, and in todays 'fast' world that group is growing!

You should indeed have great website copy [text content] presenting quality information about products and services, which is also great for SEO; however as humans we are greatly dependent on what we see.

Therefore in todays online market visual aids or capture is a highly needed aspecet of a website; not so much as to be distracting but 'sharp' and to the point.

Why Is Visual Capture So Important

Businesses whose websites display visual aids report on average 49% faster growth in revenue

Research shows that marketers who are using explainer video on their landing page are seeing as much as an 80% boost in conversion rates.

Therefore all the search engines, lead by Google, rank pages with videos higher than pages without them.

Given also that You Tube is now the second most used "search engine" a You Tube channel is imperative for all marketing and product and services based businesses.

Whether you are marketing a simple product, or teaching a complex subject, an explainer video can do a better job of telling your story!

At Visual Capture we have been developing the art of good websites that not only look good but sell for over 15 years for a great variety of businesses. Our websites are largely on page one of search listings and create valuable clientele for our customers.

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